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“Where I come from, when you stop dreaming, you die.”Twelve-year old Aimé, nicknamed Machine Gun, is a mischievous kid from a housing project outside Paris, where families live alongside criminals and mothers try to keep their kids out of trouble.The hood isn’t an easy place to grow up, but Machine Gun wouldn't trade it for any other! And right now, like all acne-riddled boys his age, his obsession is girls! In fact, he has a major crush on Oceane, the prettiest girl in his class, and would do just about anything to seduce her.In the building across the way lives Mohawk, his best friend, a crafty kid he’s known since kindergarten, with whom he likes commentating police operations from the comfort of their windows. There’s also Machine Gun’s cousin, Isma, a funny and proud kid who spends his days on rooftops, being a lookout for local drug dealers, trying to be like Tony Montana. And his brother Djibril, 22, the family’s pride and joy, a brilliant law student who dreams of the good life and has a troubled relationship with his girlfriend Lola, a white upper-middle class girl.But the day Isma tries to set up a coke deal between his bosses and a rival gang, all their lives suddenly spin out of control…Between violence and good-natured humor, an energetic, funny and moving film that casts a realistic yet tender look at the lives of teens in rough neighborhoods.

Julien ABRAHAM See his other films
Produced by : Nicolas Blanc
Company : EX NIHILO
Coproduced by : DGK Films, France 2 Cinéma, TF1 DA
Partners : Région Ile de France, ACSE,Cofimage 23, Sofica Hoche Artois Images, Orange Cinéma série, France Télévisions

Main cast : Azize Diabate Abdoulaye Idrissa Diabate Ibrahim Koma Juliette Lamboley

Genre : Fiction
Duration : 1h37
Video editor : TF1 Vidéo
Year of production : 2012
Available Versions : VF
Theatrical release date : 27-03-2013

Distributor : UGC

International sales : TF1 DA

TV distribution : TF1 DA

TV Diffusion : le 29/01/2014 sur OCS City

VOD Diffusion : TF1 DA

DVD/VOD Release : 7-08-2013

Awards :
PRIX DU MEILLEUR FILM dans la catégorie "Enfants terribles", Festival International du Film de Gijon, Espagne
Grand Prix du FEMI, Festival Régional et International du Cinéma de Guadeloupe
ECFA Award - Schlingel - International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience, Chemnitz, Allemagne 2013

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